RWA Ramblings

I forgot to mention that Carly Phillips stopped by my table Wed night at the literacy signing. THE Carly Phillips. She has to be one of the nicest people ever. She stopped by to say hi because I occasionally post over on the Plot Monkey’s blog. If y’all have never been there, go. It’s a great blog! And Carly rocks. She writes fantastic books and has a new one out. And for her to take the time to stop by and say hello to me shows how much class she has. Don’t you just love authors like that?

I met Colleen Gleason at the literacy signing, but only for a minute and haven’t seen her since! :cries: I really need to find her so we can visit.

Had lunch with Shelley Bradley on Wed. Did y’all get her Samhain book that released Tuesday? It’s connected to my Samhain book that releases next week and it’s hot hot hot!

And for those wondering where Biker Dude is, he had to fly out Thurs morning to San Diego for a conference of his own. Here’s a pic of us from Wed. I miss him :heart: