Happy 4th of July, Rain and Bugs

Happy Birthday America!

Y’all have fun and stay safe today, okay?

Today, we’ll be hanging out at home, barbequing, and I’m going to clean my house. It’s a wreck. Some fun, huh? Not.

Last night Biker Dude and I took a ride to see the dam and spillway in one of the towns just north of us. I’m telling you, the water just beyond the spillway looks like white water rapids. And the beach just west of it? Um, no beach. No restroom buildings either. All underwater.

I think we’ve had enough rain now, thank you. How ’bout sending that on to some states that really need it? I’m tired of my feet squishing in the yard.

And speaking of my feet, I’m going to have to start wearing shoes in the house. The monster spiders are back. Biker Dude killed one in the garage last night, and one in the kitchen. Y’all remember the monster spiders I spoke of last summer, don’t you? If you don’t, let me refresh your memory:

:chair: I hate those things.

And there’s a mosquito snacking on me in my house. And I can’t kill it. Now I have a bite the size of Texas on my elbow