The To Do List

Yes, I’m back. It’s been forever since I’ve done this, but life’s been in turmoil and I haven’t been at all organized.

Now I am and I’m back at work. Hence, the weekly To Do List returneth!

On tap for this week:

1. Finish up Career Plan Workshop presentation (I’m giving a workshop at my local RWA Chapter this weekend. Fun stuff. :bat: )

2. Write at least three chapters of The Demon’s Touch

3. Work on ad copy for RT Ad

4. Start bundling bookmarks for mailout. Did I mention I have Hunting the Demon bookmarks? :boobie: They’re awesome. Which reminds me…..

5. Plan Blog post about Hunting the Demon ARC giveaway contest. :sasmokin:

That’s all I can handle this week. What’s on your To Do List?