Hunting The Demon ARC Contest!!!

Do you want to read this?

Well, of course you do! :giggle:

ARCs are ready to go, and I’m ready to start this contest.

So here’s the deal. This worked really well for Wild, Wicked & Wanton. Readers got the ARC, read it and posted on their blogs about it. And I really appreciated all the honest feedback and spreading the word about my book, so I’d like to do it again for Hunting the Demon.

What I need is to hear from those of you interested in receiving an ARC of Hunting the Demon. First, you need to have a (verifiable) blog. Second, you need to vow not to blog about it until close to release date (August 28th). Third, you have to promise to read the book before then. (Duh).

So if you’re game, post here and when I get back in town after this coming weekend, I’ll choose some winners. How many? Don’t really know yet. I’ll see how many people are interested. :sasmokin:

I’m really pathetically excited for folks to start reading this book. :devil: