Things I’ve Done This Weekend

Mowed the lawn (the back yard anyway. Riding mower. We have an acre and a half. My butt hurts)

Did :laundry:

Painted my fingernails and toenails.

Changed the fish tank water. Discovered fish tank was cracked. Went to PetSmart to buy another fish tank. This one’s cute. Plastic, but it does have an orange lid (don’t ask). While at PetSmart, bought new dog bones and dog toys (I’m an impulse buyer. I can’t help myself.) :doglick:

Bathed the pups (It’s been raining solidly all week. There are mini lakes (i.e. large mud puddles) in the yard. The pups have some kind of “mud radar” whenever they go outside. Hence, many baths. Twits.

Started reading galleys for Wild Nights, my Berkley novella releasing in September.

Watched…something…on television last night. Is it bad that I don’t recall what that was? Clearly I was tired last night.

Went to visit my mother-in-law this morning. Changed her fish tank (Must be a fish weekend)

Took a bike ride with Biker Dude today. :charlie: Weather is in the mid 80s. It’s supposed to start storming again any time now. So far, sun still shining. Ride was awesome. My butt still hurts from mowing yesterday.

Watched the Nascar race that got rained out yesterday. (Wooo hooo Jimmie! :cheer:)

Fixed dinner.

Obviously not a writing weekend. Either that or I’m waiting for my brain cells to show up. But I did start on those galleys. You saw that part, right? Right?

What did you do this weekend?