Desperately Seeking A Title!

Help meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I need a title for the third Demon Hunters book like….yesterday.

My editor and I came up with a few, but the powers that be at Bantam said…uh, no. And we need a title immediately.

For background, Book 1 was Surviving Demon Island

Book 2 will be Hunting the Demon

Book 4 will (hopefully be) Demon on the Run

So here’s the working titles that got squashed so far for Book 3:

The Demon Beneath

Unveiling the Demon

Exposing the Demon

Revealing the Demon

The theme of the book is all about ‘secrets’ of the characters. And my editor said ‘think sexy’.

If anyone comes remotely close to coming up with a title they accept, you get an ARC of Hunting the Demon (oh yes, I have ARCs. That’ll be coming up in another blog post soon :giggle:).

So…get your thinking caps on and please, please, help me!