American Idol

I love American Idol. Been watching it for several years now. Loved the Carrie Underwood/Bo Bice finale. Hated Taylor Hicks winning last year, and thought Chris Daughtry was the absolute best. (Did y’all see him last night? Squeee!!!!!)

Anyway, for all you Idol worshippers out there, what did you think of last night’s final two? I was a Melinda fan, but not at all surprised she left last week. She was almost two perfect to the point of being boring, plus she’s too old school, not really Idol material. I think she’ll still get a great record deal and make great music, but clearly wasn’t going to get the votes from the younger crowd.

My vote’s on Jordin, though I like Blake too. Blake’s beat boxing is fun and entertaining, but Jordin’s got the voice. Love her in a huge, huge way. She gives me chills when she sings. And poor Blake just got his ass kicked during that ballad last night. So not his type of music. Jordin rocked it though. It was perfect.

But will the voters pick the singer, or the entertainer?

I’ll be watching tonight. :popcorn: