Writing Vacation Progress….or Lack Thereof

So as I mentioned last week, I had finished a book and turned it in, and I’m taking off until April 1st before I start another book. I was bound and determined to rest, relax, recharge the old brain batteries that had been drained after more than a year and a half of nonstop writing.

I thought I’d report in on how that was going. Uh, not so well. The damn muse apparently hasn’t figured out what the word relax means. She won’t shut down. Now I have spent a lot of time blog hopping, doing a little reading, doing a lot of watching tv, spending time with biker dude and just brainless stuff, but the muse? She’s annoying the crap out of me. She wants to dig into the next demon hunters book and I won’t let her. Not until April 1st, dammit. So what does she do to me? She’s opening old proposals, and fiddling with old, old books that we aren’t even contracted to write. WTF? She needs to leave me the hell alone for the rest of this week. I’m supposed to be recharging my batteries.

I need to feed her some Xanax or something. Send her to Tahiti. Loan her out to some writer whose own muse has fled and needs some inspiration. The bitch is killing me.

Anyone want an annoying as hell muse for a week? I don’t need her back until April 1st. She’s very persistent.