Woke up to stormy weather….nice. We need the rain. Sadly, it’s already moving out. The rest of the day will be very high winds. Ick. Oklahoma, ya know, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…or so the song says. And man, does it ever.

Today is laundry day. Then again, every day is :laundry:, so that’s not really news, is it?

So…started working on editing my book yesterday. So far so good, but the first half has mostly been bitch slapped into some working order already. I don’t expect to run into any roadblocks until I get to the crap that is the last half of the book, the one I just vomited down on paper to get the book done. That part should be…interesting.

But I’m plugging along and all goes well. Kind of reacquainting myself with my characters and their journey again. Making sure the character ARC makes sense and flows like it should. And hopefully the plot flies along in some semblance of order. :chair:

Does anyone watch Grey’s Anatomy? Omg, this week’s show made me sob. Biker Dude was sitting in the living room with me and said…are you getting all sniffly over there? Of course my answer was yes. I was a mess. Love, love love that show. It really hit my emotional buttons this week. 😥

And on a final note….I’ve got a secret. Hope to be able to share next week :giggle: