Omg It’s Monday Again?

Wasn’t it just Monday yesterday? :hide:

I actually managed to cross a few things off my To Do list from last week.

Still working on my book, which has been retitled. Born To Be Wild is now Riding Wild. I like that title. Liked the original title too, but when the publisher says retitle, you do it.

The Superbowl was good. Even the game was interesting, though I wasn’t heavily invested in either team. But I do enjoy a good game. The commercials were great, though. So was Prince, who I thought rocked the halftime show.

For this week, I’m barreling ahead with Riding Wild, which needs to be a strong focus this month. Among the usual daily hysteria.

So…the To Do’s….

1. Write like mad on Riding Wild
2. Prep for booksigning on Friday (see post below for details)
3. Read more RITA books (I’m REALLY enjoying these!)
4. Work on proposal on Demon Hunters book 3. (Ignored it last week in favor of Riding Wild. Must work on it this week. Really.) Edited to add: Heard from my editor. Hunting the Demon has officially been put to bed and sent to copyediting, which means my agent is ready for the next Demon Hunters proposal NOW. So guess we’ll move this one to #1 on the list. Woo hoo!
5. More book blogging. :giggle:
6. Edited to add: Angie reminded me that edits are coming for Nothing Personal this week. Sleep? What sleep? I don’t need no stinkin sleep.

What’s on your list for the week?

And it’s still freakin cold here! Where’s spring?