Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things On My Desk Right Now

1. Something to drink – it’s either coffee (in the morning), or Diet 7 Up in the afternoon/evenings. Sometimes Diet Dr Pepper if I can handle the extra caffeine. And if it’s been a really bad day, it might be Captain Morgan and Diet Coke.

2. The synopsis for the book I’m working on, Born To Be Wild

3. About 3 issues of Romantic Times magazine as well as the RWA’s Romance Writer’s Report (it always takes me forever to file these away. Plus I refer to them every now and then for re-reads)

4. Rodale’s Synonym Finder – a writer’s best friend

5. A pink pig that Angie sent me – she’s adorable and is actually a character in my book, Rescue Me, my Samhain book that Angie edited. Um, the pig is a stuffed animal, not a real pig. Just to clarify.

6. Copyedits for Wild Wicked & Wanton. I’m entering in the copyedited parts so I can create a pretty ARC.

7. A white stuffed bunny rabbit. Press it’s belly and it says ‘Some bunny loves you’. It annoys the crap out of the puppies. So of course I press it’s belly every now and then. I’m certain the pups want to eat it. I think it’s adorable.

8. A copy of Surviving Demon Island (have y’all read my book yet?)

9. My grandmother’s rosary – My little Italian grandmother died in….1973? I have her rosary that came from Italy, and it sits in this tiny little marcasite container. I remember playing with both the container and the rosary in church when I was a little girl. It conjures up very sweet memories for me and both the rosary and the little container are just gorgeous.

10. A box of Junior Mints *drools*

11. My ‘To Be Mailed’ folder. I keep a folder with printouts of contest winner name and addresses and things I need to mail out so I can centralize my ‘go to the post office’ list. But since I always seem to procrastinate about going to the post office, the list is growing.

12. Post it notes – I use them for a variety of reasons, mostly to jot things down so they don’t get lost in the great swiss cheese of my mind.

13. A crapload of junk that either needs to be filed away or pitched—aka the stuff I need to clean off my desk…but don’t

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