Monday, Books and Shoes

I bought new shoes yesterday. Gorgeous new shoes for my upcoming booksigning. Something about girlie shoes just does something for my happy meter. Biker dude took me out to breakfast, then was forced to trek the mall with me–he was not happy about it, but as usual was a real trooper about the whole thing, especially since I didn’t linger at the mall. :giggle:

Then we went to Barnes & Noble where they had Surviving Demon Island in three places! They featured it on the paperback revolving rack right as you walk in the door, it’s on the New In Romances shelf in the romance section as well as alphabetized on the romance shelf. I love that B&N!

So, on to this week’s To Do List. I made some progress on last week’s list and knocked out a few major to do’s, so that’s a relief. This week I still have some leftovers from last week that didn’t get done (like go to the Post office–oops). But I promise that I’m going this week.

To Do’s:

1. Work on Born To Be Wild
2. Go to Post Office
3. Hair appointment (I so need a haircut)
4. Make pups appointment at groomer (THEY so need a haircut!)
5. Blog about some awesome books I’ve read
6. Read and judge RITA books (can’t blog about those…sorry, it’s a secret :giggle:)
7. Work on proposal for next Demon Hunter book.
8. Blog about new book releasing.

That’s enough for me. I need to really make some headway in my book. Serious headway. Deadline is approaching.

What’s on your to do list?