The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason

Isn’t that the hottest cover ever?

Colleen Gleason gave me an ARC to her upcoming book, The Rest Falls Away, the first in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles.

I fell in love with this book after viewing the video trailer (you can see the trailer on her website here), which described the book as Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Pride and Prejudice. The trailer rocks. So does the book.

I made a list of why you should get this book when it releases January 2nd.

Why you should read “The Rest Falls Away”

1. Because the historical is not dead. Not by a longshot.
2. Because you get historical and paranormal in the same read. Does that freaking rock or what?
3. Because there are so damn many delicious potential heroes in this book it’s like an orgasm smorgasboard. Take my word on it
4. Vis Bulla. Just saying it is sexy. Victoria Gardella gets one. I want one, dammit.
5. Sebastian
6. Phillip
7. Max
8. Yeah, I know 5, 6 and 7 were related to #3, but they bear repeating. When you read the book you’ll understand.
9. Victoria gets cool clothes, fancy hairstyles, has the best vampire stakes EVER and gets to kick vampire ass. And she still manages to pull off being a refined, genteel lady. I love her.
10. Because if you loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you miss her, you’re going to enjoy The Rest Falls Away. Victoria isn’t Buffy, but she’s fresh and exciting and we vampire slayer lovers needed her!

It’s not the same old, same old, as far as vampire books. It’s new, it’s fun and I really enjoyed it. And the best part is, the Gardella Vampire Chronicles continues with a followup book (squeee!!!) and I simply can’t wait (hint! hint! Colleen!) to read the next story.