Hells Belles by Jackie Kessler

So, I was very fortunate in being able to read an advance copy of Jackie Kessler’s upcoming release, Hells Belles.

Now Jackie wrote about demons. And since I have an upcoming book about demons, man was I anxious to read her book. Yeah, I have a thing about demons right now.

Omg. Totally different take on the same topic. My demons are the bad guys. Her demon is the heroine, Jezebel.

I adore Jezebel. She’s every fun wicked thing I’ve ever wanted to be, but the good, Italian, guilt-ridden Catholic girl in me refuses to allow. Dammit.

Now Jezebel is not without her share of problems. I mean, she’s on the run from Hell. And Hell wants her back. That’s pretty damn serious. So she has to hide out as a mortal. And deal with emotions and bodily functions and all the other human qualities she’s never had to experience before. Not really Jezzie’s favorite thing to do. No magic, no seducing poor hapless males with sex and then suck out their souls. I mean, take all a succubus’s fun away, why dontcha?

I loved this book. It was fun, it was damn sexy…I mean there’s some serious sex in this book and does Jackie ever know how to write it. Whew! There’s also incredible worldbuilding and one of the most unique twists on Hell that I’ve ever seen. I can’t say anymore without spoiling the plot and I won’t do that.

You want this book. I’m already jonesing for the sequel and offering up my soul to Jackie for a sneak peek asap. Hehehe. Jezzie would love me for that, wouldn’t she?

On sale January 2…!