The holidays have hit and it’s insanity here.

I’ve started Christmas shopping. :hide:

Charlie and I went out to the mall yesterday, and even to Toys R Us to shop for the grandkid. (Toys R Us sucks. They have nothing in stock that I wanted. Grrrrrr). But between online shopping and some serious in person mall shopping, I’ve made some headway. Yes! :boobie:

Just have to shop a bit for the hubby and the daughter, and buy giftwrap. And get through Thanksgiving, which we’ll be doing at Charlie’s mom’s.

Not that I’m getting any freakin writing done the past few days. 😥 Which really sucks because I”m behind. Really, really, behind.

At least I’m ahead on the shopping. Can’t have everything, I suppose. :giggle:

So what about y’all? Gearing up, avoiding, done?