Yes, It really IS Monday again

Funny how that happens each week about this time.

Had a great weekend. Went shopping. Bought a new pair of jeans. They passed the ‘butt’ test, which means Charlie looks at me, I twirl around, and if the jeans make my butt look good, they pass the test.

Bought my mom’s birthday gift. So that’s done. Yes!

Rained yesterday. Love the rainy weather. I had a really good nap yesterday too. Something about rain, Sunday afternoons and naps that go hand in hand. It was a good day.

On to the weekly to do list:

1. I made word count goal on Wild Nights last week, so I’m wicked thrilled with that! This week…finish the book! Keep your fingers crossed for me, but I think I can do this.

2. Work on proposal for next demon hunters book.

3. Call my agent

4. Make appt for dogs at groomers. No, I still haven’t done this. They’re going to look like miniature sheepdogs soon. Clearly I’m having a mental block.

5. Finish birthday gift shopping, wrap and mail stuff at post office.

6. Think about promo stuff. Yes, think about it. Think think think.

I think that’s enough to do this week.

What’s on your to do list?