When Secondary Characters Attack

So I’ve been watching Blade – the TV series, on Spike TV. The first season just ended.

I love every secondary character. The character of Blade? Not so much.

Now I LOVED all 3 Blade movies. I own them. I watch them repeatedly. Over and over. And not just because I have a major thing for Wesley Snipes (Charlie, I still love you best. :hug: Honest. I just love Wesley as Blade ). Anyway, so I was excited about Blade moving to series television.

New Blade? Bleh.

However, Marcus, Krista, Chase, Shen….love them. Awesome characters, all. They’re what kept me watching the show after the first episode.

So the secondary characters have stolen the story.

This happened in the first of my Kismet faerie series. The secondary male tried to take over the book. I fell madly in love with him. He was such a strong, powerful, sexy character that he almost overshadowed the hero in the story (Yes, Shan, we’re talking about Roarke :giggle: ). Fortunately the hero in the first book was a strong enough character to overcome that, but I had to write the seconedary male’s book as soon as I finished the first book. Yowza!

Has this ever happened to you in books? Either as author or reader? Has a secondary character or characters stolen your heart?