I’m Chatting Today!

The fabulously talented JJ Massa asked me to join her in a fun filled day of chat and prizes over on the Karen Find Out About New Books Yahoo Loop. It’s not a live chat but a yahoo groups party, so come visit all the authors below during the time indicated. Fun, chat, excerpts and prizes!

** Join Author, J.J. Massa – and a few of her friends –

Jaci Burton, Kacey Hammell, Lucy Monroe, Rhiannon Neeley, Sasha White, Nix Winter,

Beth Williamson, JJ Giles, Tilly Greene, Isabelle Drake, Cyndi Redding, Melissa Glisan

for a fun-filled chat party

Date: Sept 14

Where: Karen Find Out About New Books Yahoo Group

Time: 12 noon to 8p.m. (eastern time)

A lot of excerpts from the aforementioned authors, prizes and the scoop on J.J. Massa’s upcoming releases…

Join the Chat HERE

Learn more about all the authors at their websites

J.J. Massa – www.jjmassa.com

Jaci Burton – www.jaciburton.com

Kacey Hammell – www.kaceyhammell.com

Lucy Monroe – www.lucymonroe.com

Rhiannon Neeley – www.rhiannonneeley.com

Sasha White – www.sashawhite.com

Nix Winter – www.darkfedora.com

Melissa Glisan – www.melissaglisan.20m.com/

Cyndi Redding – www.cyndiredding.com

Beth Williamson – www.bethwilliamson.com

Tilly Greene – www.tillygreene.com

Isabelle Drake – www.isabelledrake.com

J.J. Giles – www.jjgiles.com

Come and enjoy the party. You never know who else will arrive!!!