To Do List and Things

Holiday weekends screw up my week. Now it’s Tuesday which means short week. Bleh.

So last week didn’t go too badly. Didn’t get everything done on my to do list (do I ever?) but I did ok. Did 12,000 words on A Demon Is Forever, not the 15K I wanted to do, but since we had the mother-in-law crisis over the weekend I’ll take the 12K.

I have to prepare for a workshop for my local RWA this coming weekend, which I havent’ done yet, so I really can’t put that off any longer. And write. I really need to finish the first draft of this POS. (Nora calls her first drafts a piece of shit. If she can call hers a piece of shit, so can I). :bat:

I did make the local paper on Sunday. The local RWA people put a piece in there about my upcoming workshop this Saturday. How cool! All about writing sex scenes! I’m sure the uber conservatives just loved seeing that. hehehe :hump:

So…on to the ‘to do’ list:

1. Put together workshop for Saturday

2. 10,000 words on A Demon Is Forever

Hey, it’s a short week. That’s all I’m doing.

What’s on your list this week?