I’m Home! And stuff

Happy Friday y’all!

We’re home from our trip. I do love to travel, but I love coming home even more. I like my own bed, my own pillows and blankets…there really is no place like home. Of course coming home meant overflowing piles of laundry, grocery shopping, picking up the pups from the vet and way too many things to do to get caught up, so yesterday was spent in an exhausting array of running errands and activities related to my book. The book stuff is fun, though.

Lots of great things happening with Surviving Demon Island. I’ll be posting about them in the near future. Now that I got a lot of that out of the way, I have to spend today working on cleaning up the mess that is the first draft of A Demon Is Forever. I’d really like to get it to my editor next week, which both excites me and makes my stomach turn. I of course want her to love it and am anxious to hear what she thinks of the story.

Don’t forget we’re heading toward the final couple days of the contest to win an autographed print copy of Going the Distance. Click here for details to enter.