The Weekly To Do List

I would have done better on last week’s list if ‘things’ hadn’t popped up to distract me.

No, not THAT thing, you pervs.

So I didn’t do 10,000 words on A Demon Is Forever. Only got 7,000 done. But page proofs on Surviving Demon Island arrived so had to halt writing to start proofing. Bleh. Been spending a few days reading through my book again.

The really cool thing is I got lost in my story again! Yes, very dorky of me, but I can’t help it. I grumbled and groaned about having to read that damn book yet again, and what happens? I fall in love with it all over again. I guess that’s better than reading it and thinking, “Oh God this book sucks rocks.” So yeah…I like this book. That’s a very good sign. :giggle:

Anyway, onto this week’s to do list:

1. Finish Page Proofs on Surviving Demon Island and send back to Bantam

2. 5,000 Words on A Demon Is Forever (I have to work at the office with Charlie 2 days this week. Still haven’t finished page proofs. No way will I get 10,000 words this week – sigh).

3. Get some info to Publicist

4. Send in Contest info

5. Write Newsletter

6. Do a critique on a chapter for a friend

7. Finish up an interview and send it in.

8. Type in copyedits on Surviving Demon Island and create ARC

9. Start working on workshop presentation for local RWA group presentation for Sept

I don’t like the looks of this list


Edited: But I’m making progress!!!