Peace, Finally

Charlie’s dad passed away yesterday afternoon. After family and friends hovering around for 10 days, hospice doing continuous care, his blood pressure going up and down and up and down, his pulse and temp going up and down, hospice unable to determine whether he was going to go or not go, they reduced care to every 4 hours and left, hovering family members took off, we all laid down and took naps for awhile and Dad died when everyone got the hell out of the room. Get the idea he wanted everyone to leave him alone so he could go in peace? *g* (you had to know him to understand his very stubborn and gripey nature…that would so be his way 😉 )

Now he’s at peace and we’re all relieved his battle is over. Thank you so much for the well wishes, the prayers and the emails and posts. Charlie and I really appreciate the support.