I have a really great husband

Who this morning listened patiently while I vented and whined about stress, deadlines, fears, my book plot and my dissatisfaction with it, my inability to focus, blah blah blah.

He’s a really great guy. Not only did he listen…he actually offered suggestions. He helped me.

A lot of my stress is my own doing (isn’t it always our own doing?:chair:), but when it builds for me, it builds in a big, big way and then I can’t focus.


Fortunately, I have someone I can talk to about this.

Charlie’s not one to baby me. When I need to be :whip: and told to shut the hell up, quit whining and get my ass back to work, he’s the right guy to do it. He doesn’t suffer whiners. Which is a very good thing. But he also knows when I’m hanging on by a thread and knows when I need some :heart: instead. Today was one of those days.

Oh and since last week he whined that I got new pants and posted a pic of them, but he got new pants and I didn’t post HIS pic …here’s his new pants:

I also think he has a mighty fine ass :bat:

:love: babe. And thank you. I promise I’m going to write now.