It’s Thursday?

How can it be freakin Thursday already? Have I been buried in this plotline so long I’ve lost track of time?

Don’t answer that *g*

So version 5 of the plotline from hell seems to have gelled. Anyway, this is the one I’m submitting. Synopsis is done, chapters are done. Just have to edit and they’re off to my agent and editor. Gah, I’ll be so happy when that project’s off my desk. (Thank you Shelley Bradley for taking a look at the chapters. You rock, babe.)

I miss my demon hunters and am anxious to get back to them.

I leave for Atlanta next Saturday. We’re going early to visit some friends. We’re driving. Like 12 hours in the car. But that’s okay…have laptop and power converter. No internet. Uninterrupted writing time.

I have no idea what I’m going to wear. I still have to work up my part of the workshop I’m giving at Nationals. Will work on that today after final proposal tweaking.

I have a lot to do.

When don’t I have a lot to do?

Have y’all been to Diana Peterfreund’s blog? She’s running a daily giveaway in preparation for the imminent release of Secret Society Girl (I really want a hoodie *g*). Have you ordered this book yet? If not, be prepared to run to the bookstore and get it on release day, which is July 18th. It’s awesome!