Goings and Comings

Berkley Heat proposal is out the door!

*momentary dorky happy dance*

So I thought I was going to jump right into A Demon Is Forever, the second Demon Hunters book. Except I got an email today saying copy edits for Surviving Demon Island are on the way. And I’d really like to get them done before I leave for Atlanta, which is a week from tomorrow. Eeeek!

So once again ADIF has to wait. But that’s okay, because I’m actually kind of excited to do copy edits on SDI. This is my last chance to read through this book and make it ‘pretty’. To make sure everything is in place, the world building is sound, the consistencies are….consistent….lol. And so on and so on. Plus doing one last read through will refresh me on my Demon Hunter series since I had to put ADIF aside to do the Berkley proposal (I call this the book hop), so by the time I get back to ADIF, SDI will be fresh in my mind again and my worldbuilding should kick butt. *grin*

At least in a perfect world, that’s how it works. Unless another book hop comes along…like edits for Wild, Wicked and Wanton or my EC book. *snort*

So all you writers out there, how do you handle the book hop?