Monday Update and To Do’s

So #2 son Matt is present and accounted for *grin*

We spent the day yesterday driving to Stillwater, Oklahoma to visit the original Eskimo Joe’s (Yes, we bought the t-shirt *g*) and tooling around Oklahoma State where our daughter Ashley wants to apply to college.

Today Matt and I will be working. Me on a book, him on planning for his school year next year (he’s a teacher).

I’m finally starting on Demon Hunters 2 (no, no title yet. Bleh.) Very excited about digging into the sequel to Surviving Demon Island. *wiggle*.

I reallllly want to write an EC book. Reallllly. Yes, I just finished one, but that was for Forbidden Fantasies, the EC hardcover anthology that won’t be released until late 2007. I want to write an EC book that can be released like ….soooon. Dammit. There’s this other wolfie book, a sequel to Animal Instincts, that I really want to write. Damn muse bitch. I need to write demons. *g*

So this week nothing special planned. Visiting with Matt, this and that.

What’s on your agenda?