I’m Back And Catching Up

Of course I forgot to post that I’d be gone *g*

#2 son and I took a short, two-day trip to St Louis to see my mom and family while he’s here visiting. And we saw Phantom of the Opera at the theatre for the thirtymillionth time. It was fabulous, as always. *grin*

While we were doing that, hubby was out of town for a business trip. Daughter is in California for a school related trip. Are we mobile this week or what?

Road trips are exhausting. But the good thing about having all that time in the car was reading time. I read Diana Peterfreund’s Secret Society Girl. (Yes, I got an ARC…neener neener neener.) I could tell you all about the book, but then I’d have to kill you….hehehe. All I can say is you WANT this book in a huge way. I’ll talk more about it later…but honestly, it’s a phenomenal read. Order it NOW.

I seem to have been reading a lot lately. I read J R Ward’s Lover Awakened, too. I’m going to blog about that next. (Yes, I got an ARC of that too….neener neener *g*). That one ….dayum. It’s hard to even find the words. Working on a blog post that’ll do that book justice. Just….dayum.

Anyway, it’s been nice to take some down time and read. I tend to get so wrapped up in my writing that I forget I used to love to just read romance. And for awhile there I stopped doing that, which was really a bad thing, because the main reason I became a writer of romance was due to my love of reading it.

I also think the writing muse needs a freakin break to rest and recharge the batteries. I’m terrible at driving myself too hard.

So this year I’m making a concerted effort to read. Of course having all these cool ARCs to read doesn’t hurt any *g*

So…uhh…everyone send more ARCs and I’ll read more. *snicker*

And check out the awesome counter for Surviving Demon Island that Shan put up for me in the top right corner….isn’t it awesome? I figured since everyone else was putting them up, I should steal the idea. *grin*