Appliances Are A Girl’s Best Friend

So yesterday hubby had to listen to my 3,497th rant about our washing machine. The agitator has become possessed in the past several months and takes off, flying around the washer during the spin cycle with a rather loud and annoying clang, clang clang. After my diatribe of cursing (which was rather colorful, I thought), he said we should just go buy another washer and dryer.

Typically I don’t buy appliances until they die. However, the washer and dryer and refrigerator (which came with my current husband *g*) are, he tells me, from the 80’s. Those I would classify as antiques. Not energy efficient. Really freakin old. Ugly. (I’m justifying shopping here – work with me). And while we were at it, the refrigerator was a dinosaur too. So that got added to the list.

So off we went to Sears and Loews to shop. Whoa. It’s been years since I’ve appliance shopped. Apparently Star Wars has infiltrated appliance wear. Seriously state of the art, futuristic, what the hell is that button for? kind of stuff. Of course with it mostly being me and Charlie now, I just needed basic washer/dryer and fridge. Found a decent washer and dryer that did basic stuff. Found an awesome refrigerator on sale with the icemaker in the door (hey, this is a big deal to me – our icemaker died twice in our old fridge and we’ve been doing the by-hand ice trays for a couple years now – suckage).

They delivered today. Color me happy!

Some women go for diamonds. I’m happy dancing over major appliances.

Though I think Charlie just placated me so he can go get his Harley now *g*