Update and Weekly “To Do” List

My Bantam editor called and said she loved the rewrite of Surviving Demon Island.

*pauses for resounding cheer*

She did a copious amount of line and content edits, though, because she wants to get the book out for endorsements, so she shipped it back out to me and we discussed a few things she wants clarified in the book. Like this week. Like I leave for the Romantic Times convention on Sunday, so it has to be done NOW. So guess what’s on my ‘to do’ list this week?


But I’m so damn thrilled she loved the revisions I’m going to tackle this project with zeal this week and get it knocked out and back to her by Friday.

This weekend I spread out all the promotional and other ‘stuff’ I’m taking to RT with me, so I have a handle on all that. Now to spread out the luggage and figure out if everything will fit. Ugh.

So this week’s ‘to do’ list:

1. Revisions on SDI

2. Packing…packing…and more packing…lots of packing

3. Get hair and nails done

4. Pick up dress

5. Get shoes for Charlie

6. Return one skirt to store because the morons forgot to remove the sensor ‘thingy’ (grrrrr)

So…what’s on everyone’s to do list this week?