Glub Glub

aka….Throw me a lifeline here, I’m drowning!


Okay seriously, it’s raining like mad here in Oklahoma lately. The past week we’ve been deluged with rain on top of rain on top of rain on top of…well, you get the idea.

It rained last night. I mean REALLY rained last night. I got up this morning to take the pups outside and my long gravel driveway was under water.

I have small pups. With short legs. We get much more rain they’re gonna need water wings and will have to swim and pee simultaneously *g*

On a good note, I spoke to my Berkley editor today about the novella and we brainstormed some plot ideas for the book. I might take a character from Wild, Wicked and Wanton and put him in this novella. My editor loved that idea so I’m going to work that up and see what she thinks.

Then I emailed back and forth with my Bantam editor who’s currently reading Demon Island and says she’s really pleased with the rewrite so far. Squeeee!!!!

And my read through and edits on Wild, Wicked andWanton are going smoothly.

All is well in my world. ‘Cept for the rain and my husband is out of town and my sleeping is shitty when he’s not next to me at night. Bleh. But he’ll be home tomorrow and then I’ll be one happy woman. *grin*

Hope your weather is dry and sunny.