The Weekly ‘To Do’ List

Thanks to TJ who reminded me I’ve been remiss in posting the weekly ‘To Do’ list. Mental avoidance on my part, no doubt *g*. (Thanks Teri, but now that you’ve reminded me, you have to do yours, too *snicker*).

So I told hubby last week that I’m on time crunch with deadlines due to the rewrite of Surviving Demon Island. I’ve dropped my part-time work hours to one day a week working with him, leaving me all week long to work at home on writing. Now I’m just doing Saturdays with him (hehehe…that sounds kinky *g*). Hopefully that’ll help me pick up speed on writing catch up. I have a June 1st deadline on Wild, Wicked and Wanton, my Berkley HEAT book.

And of course one of my Ellora’s Cave characters has been milling about in my head lately. A wolfie. So I finally broke down on Sunday and started writing her story. Uh sure…I have time for this. NOT. But I can fiddle with that story one day a week. Like Sundays. Really. I don’t need a life. *g*

The ‘to do’ list:

1. Finish the 2nd story in WWW this week. Start the 3rd. Estimate 10,000 words this week.
2. Write 3 chapters of the Devlin book (EC story) on Sunday. Estimate 7,500 words.
3. Start working on list for the Romantic Times convention of what to bring, promo items to order, what to pack, etc etc etc.

Now I know why I didn’t want to put this list down on paper. Eeek.

So what’s on your to do list this week?