Five Guilty Pleasures

Diana blogged about guilty pleasures, so figured I’d pick up the ball.

Of course I’m all about pleasures, and it’s hard for me to find pleasures to feel guilty about, but there are a few.

1. I have cleaning ladies who clean my house every other week. Yes, I feel guilty about this because it’s a luxury, but I write full time, I work part time and I try to keep up with everything else. But cleaning the house always came last, if at all. So I indulge. I feel guilty about it, but I indulge. Otherwise the dust bunnies would rule my world. Seriously rule my world.

2. Clinique Body Butter. It’s expensive but it’s saved my dry skin this winter. I *heart* it and I don’t care how much it costs.

3. Naps. I need them and I shouldnt’ take them but whenever I can, I head for the sofa, grab the puppies and my blanket and I’m out cold. I love naps.

4. There are 4 computers in my house. I personally have both a desktop and a laptop. I use the laptop when I sit on the couch (okay it’s supposed to be used for travel….so I travel to the couch and use it *g*). Ashley has the old desktop. Charlie has his own laptop. Necessary? No. But I wanted a new desktop that was faster and I wanted the laptop for…uhh…travel *snort*. And now no one has to share…or wait.

5. Charlie. My favorite guilty pleasure. Yes, sometimes I feel guilty for wanting him all to myself, or for taking him away from things he should be doing, or for wishing he was with me instead of somewhere else. Tough. I’ll live with the guilt. *g*

Addendum: My new Dooney and Bourke purse! How could I forget to add my Dooney and Bourke purse to my guilty pleasures? Ack! Now THAT was definitely a guilty pleasure. hehehe

I’ll tag whoever wants to do this.