So I spent most of the entire weekend knee-deep in Christmas cards and wrapping paper. I wrapped forty eleven million (thank you Annmarie for that number *g*) presents and writing out an equal number of Christmas cards.

My hand hurts. Is it possible to get carpal tunnel from writing Christmas Cards and wrapping gifts?

Oh, and of course most of my family including my kids live out of state so after the mass wrappage came boxing up the gifts for shipping. Which meant finding boxes that would fit half of the forty eleven million gifts. Then labeling and taping. And removing prior labels (which meant I could use my really cool knife Charlie bought me, so that wasn’t a bad thing….hehehe).

But the major part of the Christmas wrap/ship extravaganza is done. Except for a few of my special friends, the ‘bitches’….I’m still waiting on some things to ‘arrive’ that aren’t here yet *pout*. I’m giving those things until Friday, and if they’re not here, then it’s more wrapping, more boxing, and more shipping.

Today…the Post Office. Pray for me *g*