Something to get you in the mood

Now I didn’t exactly say what it would get you in the mood for, did I? hehehe

My wonderful friend Melani Blazer has a new release today. When I Close My Eyes is a fabulous paranormal with a touch of Christmas spirit. It’s a beautifully emotional love story with magic and snow and the holidays mixed in, along with a nice touch of hot and sexy passion. You don’t want to miss it. Buy it here today!

For as long as she can remember, Kenna had dreams of one man whose touch filled her soul and ignited her passions. When her life crumbles right before the holidays, Kenna decides that as a Christmas present to herself, she’s going to finally learn if what she feels is real, or if it’s just a figment of her imagination.

Seth feels the presence of the mystery woman who comes to him in visions and dreams—offering her body and soul to him. He’s spent a lifetime looking for her and tonight he’s going to find her. When he rescues a stranded Kenna, he feels the attraction, but wonders if she’s ‘the one’.

Stranded by a blizzard in a mountainside cabin, Seth’s and Kenna’s passions ignite. Their hearthside sex leaves them breathless, but the heat they generate isn’t enough to burn the memory of the dream woman from Seth’s mind, or convince Kenna she hadn’t simply imagined the man she knows only in her dreams.

But at Christmas, magical things happen. And sometimes, dreams can come to life.