The Faeries Are Done!

Yes, cross one item off the ‘to do’ list because my faerie book is finished! Well, the first draft is, anyway. But at least another book is done.

Whew! Now to spend the rest of this week judging contest entries and doing a critique for one of my best buds who no doubt is tapping her foot wondering if I’m EVER going to finish her book, which actually I’ve been dying to do. No more writing for me for awhile.

And then soon we’ll get edits for OUT OF THE DARKNESS.

In the meantime, AFTERMATH, the faerie book, can sit in it’s little folder and take a nice long nap, gel a little bit, until I finish edits on OOTD. Then the little faeries can be edited (cuz my editor refuses to let me kill them, dammit) and turned in.

But a project is finished! Yayyyyy!

Is it too early for happy hour? It’s almost 9 a.m. *g*