Jenn Cummings aka Leigh Wyndfield

That’s me on the left, Jenn on the right.

Jenn Cummings aka Leigh Wyndfield is a bitch.

Yes, I promised I’d blog about her being a bitch, so here it is.

Now I’ll tell you the truth.

Jenn is a sweet, sweet person. Funny as hell, sweet as can be and a fantastic author who’s going places in a hurry. She and I are lucky enough to share the same agent, the wonderful Deidre Knight, and we were also fortunate enough to be nominated in the same category in the RWA FF&P PRISM award, though the Bitch, as I will now forever call her, won the award this year for her fantastic book, IN ICE.

And if she’s reading this blog right now, it means she’s not working on that book Deidre told her to work on.