All About RWA

I’m back, jetlagged as hell but here goes. My official RWA report.

Okay you probably will think I have all this insider knowledge about the RWA convention, right?

Wrong. Sorry folks, but I’m just a nobody, not part of the ‘in’ crowd and hardly aware of the goings on with all the bigwigs. Besides, I can barely see on a good day. That’s why I brought Charlie with me–to help me navigate my way to the correct floor and to find the bathrooms and the lobby and ballrooms and stuff. Okay, so I’m directionally challenged *g*

Anyway, had a wonderful time. Exhausting, but exhilirating. And there’s way too much to do but not nearly enough time to do it in. And I met some incredibly nice people, including my fabulous agent, Deidre Knight. I was going to blog all about this fabulous outing to Tahoe she generously took all her clients on, but actually Diana Peterfreund did it better than anyone, so go to her blog and read all about it. Yes, I’m lazy, but she really did a stellar job of giving the highlights of what was an absolutely wonderful trip to the Thunderbird Lodge. Thank you Deidre, for a beautiful afternoon in Lake Tahoe. Charlie and I were honored to be included and I’m thrilled to be one of your clients. Lunch was fabulous, the silver TKA bookmarks were breathtaking and a huge surprise, and will always be a reminder of a very special day. It was truly a day to remember always. Big hugs!

Unfortunately Deidre and I didn’t have much one on one time together (why does that always sound like an episode of The Bachelor? *g*) , but what little time we did have consisted of her telling me to send the aforementioned proposal known as “Crap” and if it turned out to be crap she’d tell me. *whimper*. So I guess I’ll be sending it to her shortly.

Oh and I have pics and pics and pics to upload. Old friends, new friends, and so much more to talk about that it’ll probably take days.

Did I mention how incredibly jet lagged and tired I am?

Oh and airports suck. Really suck.