The “Definition” of Romance

RWA, again in its infinite wisdom, has created a Member Survey and asked its membership to vote.

This particular reader survey is about defining romance. Here are the two choices:

A. The romantic relationship is between one man and one woman.

B. The romantic relationship is between two people.

Anybody see anything wrong with this?

It seems to me they’re trying to define something that can’t be defined.That’s like asking people to define ‘love’. Everyone has a different interepretation. To some, chick lit is romance. To some, a menage isromance. To some, two women or two men might be romance and to others it’s one man and one woman.

It’s impossible to come up with a single paragraph definition of what consitutes a ‘romance’ because everyone interprets it differently based on their own set of values.

This survey is way too limiting, and there’s no place to write in a comment or a different vote. So those who don’t send their survey response in are doomed to live with what those who voted said?

I think not. I think we should leave the interepretation of romance up to the individual. Trying to define it is impossible.