Plot Pong

For those of you old enough to remember, one of the first ‘video games’ was Pong. Black and white screen, a white goal box at each side, and a ball.

Boop, boop, boop. Slowly, back and forth, you hit the pong ball. Boring as hell on the screen. Not so boring when it becomes my writing life.

I’m simultaneously working on a proposal for my agent plus my current mss for EC. And I feel like the ball in Pong.

Boop! I’ll write a few pages on the mss

Boop! Switch to working more on the proposal for awhile.

Boop! back to the mss to write a love scene.

Boop! Rework the synopsis on the proposal.

Boop! Oh I forgot to add that one part in the mss.

Boop! Maybe I should develop this conflict in the proposal in a little more depth.




No wonder I’m dizzy. I hope I don’t switch character names again. *g*