We have Plottage!

Finally, after version 5 of the plot and my “If we don’t come up with a viable plot I’m moving on to something else” conversation with my husband and co-author of this one.

Sigh. What a HUGE relief! I even wrote the prologue and first chapter, so we’re back on a roll again. Just in time too. I might have had to give in and kill off one of the main characters. 😉

Now I’ve decided that since this is a menage story, and all 3 main characters are principal to the plot, we’ve got to write this book using all 3 points of view. Should be interesting. Hopefully I won’t burst any more brain cells working on this book with Charlie. Or he won’t be tempted to strangle me when I dig my heels in about a plot point.

Oh the fun of co-writing with a spouse. Or not. I’ll get back to you on that *g*