I’m Stealing

From Shannon, who stole from others, so that makes it okay, right?

Interesting facts about me. (I don’t know how interesting, but they’re factual)

My name is Jaci Burton (sometimes, though I’m always afraid I’ll sign that name when I write a check since I use it more than my own). I was born in the midwest and lived there until I married. Then spent 2 years in northern California, 6 years in Oklahoma, 13 years in northern California and 2 years in southern California before moving to Oklahoma 4 years ago. I have been to Hawaii, Australia, Mexico and various states in the U.S., but not nearly enough of them.

It took me 20 years to get my college degree, but I did it.

I have given birth twice, raised sons and now raising a stepdaughter. I have been raising children for 26 years (yikes!). I swam with dolphins in Mexico, have seen humpback whales in Hawaii and boated alongside jellyfish and sea turtles at the Great Barrier Reef.

I spoke fluent Italian as a child and can’t remember anything but the cuss words now. I took enough French in high school to adequately butcher the language.

What haven’t I done that I wanted to? More travel. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon or toured the south. I’ve never seen the Grand Tetons. I’ve never seen a volcano erupting. I’ve never been to Europe or Asia or South America (no, Cancun doesn’t count *g*).

I want to learn another language and speak it well enough to hold a conversation with a native of that language.

My goal in the next ten years is to retire somewhere warm with sand and beaches and ocean.