Plotting, Characters and Husbands Running Amok

Anyone who thinks erotic romance is filled with nothing but sex is totally full of it. I’m living proof that there is plot in erotic romance, because my plot is currently taking over the entire book, running mad like a Pamplona bull hot on the heels of a man in red pants. (Yeah, yeah, bad analogy but my brain hurts)

As I mentioned in previous blog rants, our menage plot sucked (“Our” being me and Charlie, since we’re cowriting this one). So we tossed it and have been plotting another, this time with vamps and lycans. Okay, so far so good. Except now the stupid plot is so freakin convoluted it’s turned into an epic. I don’t wanna write an epic. Charlie sure as hell doesn’t want to write an epic. But we’re arguing about the plotline now. It went something like this:

Charlie: One of the guys dies

me: Nuh uh. Readers will hate that

Charlie: Mel gibson died in Braveheart

me: Yeah and i hated that. Nobody I like dies in our book

Charlie: Mel’s first girlfriend died in Braveheart too

me: (thinking Charlie needs to quit watching Braveheart). No. We’re not killing one of the main guys in our book.

Charlie: Why not? She has a spare

Me: (groaning) Babe, this is a romance, not an epic with a little romance in it. It’s a full fledged love and sex romance, not a war book. Everyone lives happily ever after at the end.

Charlie: Not if we expect movie rights


Is it too early for cocktails?