Is Mercury In Retrograde Again?

I swear everything goes to hell in a handbasket (my mom’s favorite phrase *g*) when Mercury goes into retrograde. What does that mean? Hellifino…I just know that the poop hits the fan whenever that planet does some kind of backpedaling thingy 4 times a year (um yeah…not an astrology major here, obviously).

This has been one nightmare of a week. Two day marathon migraine started it off. Two days I was off work and intending to write my ass off (I wish). Followed by another couple of days of I can’t even remember what I did but it wasn’t writing, followed by yesterday and epic crises that I’m not about to discuss publicly (let’s just say…ick….and leave it at that).

But despite the stress I managed to do a slight revision to the front end of my current book. Something it needed badly based on feedback I’d received. The slight revision ended up adding an entire chapter to the book and I think gives it a lot more balance and credibility now.

So now I can write. Except today I’m at work and there’s too many people here and too many interruptions. Okay, so tomorrow I write. I’m at home, Ashley’s at her mom’s for the weekend, Charlie’s at work and I should have total quiet time to knock out a couple chapters.

That’s my plan anyway. Pray for me *g*