Apologizing For Reading and Writing Romance?

Been reading about sex and romance again. Mrs. Giggles always has great thoughts about this topic.

I think that as long as we (‘we’ being both romance readers and writers) continue to wince and apologize when we tell people we read or write romance, the admission of how much we enjoy explicit sex in those romances is always going to take an apologetic tone.

I read erotic romance. I write erotic romance. Hot, spicy, no holds barred sex. And I never will make apologies for that. If someone asks what I do, I tell them I’m a writer. If someone asks what I write, I tell them erotic romance. I’m not ashamed of sex. I’m not ashamed of writing it, reading it or viewing it.

This is 2005. Isn’t it about time we step out of the provincial closet and announce that we are educated, savvy, intelligent women who know what we like and aren’t afraid to admit it?

When did liking sex become a bad thing?

Jaci…still feeling like we’re taking some giant steps backward….