…all my troubles seemed so farrrrr awayyyyyy…

Can you tell I think in terms of lyrics? *snicker*

So yesterday morning I’m having my coffee and staring at my PC, wondering how my day will go, when I hear a soft knock at the door around 8:30 a.m. I go to the door to find a Fedex package. Opened it up to find 8…count ’em….8 books to read for the RITA. Now that’s cool. I like books. I love reading. Until I find out I have to read said 8 books in about 5 weeks time.


Now back in the day when all I did was read, that would have been a no brainer. Of course I could read that many books. Still can…as long as I don’t plan to go to work, or write, or eat, or do much of anything else for the next 5 weeks.

How does everyone else do it? I’m in panic mode, thinking I’m going to have to take up speed reading to get through all these.

Oh, and my local RWA group is having their published author contest too, so I’ll be getting another 5 books to read shortly.

Bwahahahahaha….think I”ll just take lots of long, hot baths the next month or so. I’ll be pruney, but I’ll get the books read that way.