When Characters Run Amok…..

Blake grabbed two wine glasses and reached for a bottle of white from one of the refrigerators.
Moon peered inside and held back the appreciative whistle at his stock. “You must entertain a lot.”
“Never, actually.”
Never? “Then you’ve got to be a lush. You have a ton of wine in there.”

“Actually, I have a vineyard,” he explained

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! Okay, stop right there! My hero does NOT have a vineyard.

“Yeah, I do.”

You do not.

“You wanna argue this point all night? I’m trying to get my woman into bed.”

You’re not getting into anyone’s bed until I get to the bottom of this. (hurriedly flipping through copious pages of messy notes.) Nope. Nowhere in my plotline does it say ‘hero has a vineyard’

“Then you left it out of the plotline.”

It’s MY plotline! I created you, I outlined you, I know every damn thing about you. How come I didn’t know you had a vineyard?

“You never asked.”


Any writer who says she’s in control of her characters is lying.

Jaci…off to figure out what to do with the damn vineyard.