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Sad News

For those of us in the romance community, we’re a tight knit group, traveling from blog to blog and getting to know each other… at least virtually.

One of those people who has always been so thoughtful, giving and so wonderful in this community is Fatin from Novel Thoughts.

Fatin lost her husband Tuesday in a senseless, tragic workplace shooting. My heart goes out to her, her four daughters and her entire family.

Please feel free to leave your condolences here at the Novel Thoughts blog.

For Buddy

You had such a loud bark, the biggest head, the heaviest feet.

You guarded the back yard fiercely, yet you had the sweetest disposition.

You ran fast, played hard and learned quickly.

You were loyal, adorable, proud, tough, and you made the past ten years a complete and utter joy.

You were loved by many.

And you were gone way too soon.

We’ll miss you, Buddy.

It’s My Birthday!!!


It’s my birthday today!!!!

So that means there should be presents, right? Not for me, of course. But for you! Yes for you!

How about a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or B&N? Winner’s choice.

And if I choose an international winner, we’ll do something else like books of equal value from the Book Depository.

To enter to win, tell me what was your best birthday present ever.

I’ll choose a winner Monday.

Now let’s celebrate with cake and tequila! (Don’t mock me. It works.)

In Jeopardy

Is anyone a Jeopardy fan out there?

Biker Dude and I love Jeopardy. We love to watch the show and attempt to answer as many of the questions as possible in order to see how dumbsmart we are. We figure if they held 5th grade Jeopardy, we’d do all right. Then again, we don’t do very well on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, either, so maybe not.

Anyway, this week for three days they’re doing Jeopardy vs SkynetWatson, where two of Jeopardy’s smartest and highest money winning contestants are going against Watson, an IBM computer who has been taught to answer Jeopardy style questions.

Yesterday’s show, the first day of the competition, was fairly interesting. It’s a little artificial intelligence, some baby steps for technology, a bit of man vs machine, and a little trepidation on my part:

I’ve got my eye on you, SkynetWatson….

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day is filled with love and romance.

I’m guest blogging over at the As The Pages Turn blog today. You could win THE PERFECT PLAY, so head on over and leave a comment!

Biker Dude and I finally got out of the house this past weekend. The weather is warming, the snow is melting, and I think everyone within a hundred mile radius of where we live thought much the same thing about the warm weather and snow melt–FREEDOM! Traffic was heinous, the mall was packed as if it was the day before Christmas, and I’m pretty sure couples were doing their Valentine’s Day partying on Saturday, because crowds were thick. It was hideous, but I still didn’t care. I was out of the house, the roads were clear and I was one happy camper–okay, except for the traffic. Could have lived without that, but far be it for me to begrudge the other people on the road their opportunity to get the hell out of their houses.

Not sure wehther we’ll go out tonight or not. I might be just as happy staying home and ordering a pizza. I’m easy that way. How about you? Any big Valentine’s Day plans?

Sink into a romance today. It’s the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day. 🙂

A Short But Mighty Story

So last night and this morning we got hit with another 10″ of snow.

When it was time for the dogs to go out, the snow was blowing sideways, north winds were howling, and the dogs were having none of it.

No going outside, no breakfast. That’s the rule.

We waited. And waited. There’s 30″ of snow on the ground by now and it’s really damn cold outside. Can’t say as I blame them.
Now we live on an acre and a half, so it’s kind of a far trek out to the trees. Someone was going to have to make the path in those 30″ of snow.

But who was going to be first?

Was it these three dogs? Our three largest dogs?

Wuss, Sissy, Pansy (Not their real names)

No. They didn’t go out.

How about this one?

Weiner (Not his real name, either)

Finally, one brave dog ventured out to dig the path in the snow.

It was this one, Bee, the smallest dog in the house.

The one who weighs 9 lbs, whose belly is 4″ off the ground. She’s the one who blazed the trail for the Wuss, the Pansy, the Sissy and the Weiner. After she went out and hopped through the 30″ of snow and made a path, they dragged their chicken butts outside.

They should be ashamed. And she’s a rockstar.

She’s been smirking at them all day today.

Oh, The Romance!

Last week, we had a blizzard, and two feet of snow on the ground.

And I had this in my driveway:

We had a little snow melt, but not much at all.

Today, I have this in my driveway.

We don’t own a snow blower, or a plow.

But I do have this guy:

And he has a shovel.

And that’s why I write romance. *swoon*

Today’s Blog Post

So I opened my blog at 7 a.m. with something brilliant in mind to post for today. It’s now noon, and I totally forgot what I was going to post, because like all things in my head, if it’s not put to paper the nanosecond it pops in there…poof. Gone.

I’m sure it’ll come to me and I’ll remember what I was going to tell you. Maybe. Or maybe not. You know what a collander is, right? That thing with lots of holes in it that you use to strain cooked spaghetti?

Yeah well, all the stuff I have in my head typically gets strained right out and down the drain if I don’t write it down the second it pops in there. Sad. I’d like to blame old age, but what it really is is brain overload. There’s just entirely too much going on in there right now. Like books and plotlines and deadlines and dogs. LIke today, Buddy got into the trash before I even got out of bed this morning, so I had to jump out of bed and clean that up. And then Jaz and Bee had to go to the groomers early this morning. And I had a doctor’s appointment right after that. And then–

Oh! I just remembered what I was going to blog about today!

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, providing I write it down. Heh.

See, I knew I’d remember.

Tell me this happens to you, too.

And Now For Something Completely Different

I know I’ve been talking about my book a lot lately, so I’d like to change the subject to something very near and dear to my heart: the weather.

Because damn, it’s cold.

I am not a cold weather person. I’m a tank top, capri pants, flip flop loving, summer loving, outside loving sun worshipper. In other words–I like it hot. I might bitch and moan in August when it’s over 100 degrees and the sweat is pouring down my back, but you will never hear me utter the words–I can’t wait for winter. I might wish for fall and for the brutal heat to give me a break, but I will never wish for winter.

I hate winter. I hate being cold. I hate being unable to get warm. I don’t like being dressed in four layers of clothing. I loathe when my hands and feet get so cold that I have to wear gloves and my Ugg boots in the house just to get my brain cells to cooperate so I can write. (Hey, my brain cells shut down when I’m cold…doesn’t everyone’s?).

This week we had a couple inches of snow. That’s good enough for me. I grew up in the midwest (Missouri), so I do like four seasons. I like spring, when the rain spells renewal and everything bursts with growth. I love summer (obviously). I love fall when all the trees change color. Winter…bleh. That can hurry the hell up and move on out. It’s 7 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 7 below, and we’re in Oklahoma. This is the south, people. I don’t know how y’all up north deal with it.

Biker Dude and I have often talked about moving to the southeast, like Florida. We like the beach and the ocean. It’s our favorite place. But this is home and in a few years our house will be paid off, so home is where we’ll stay. Even if there is winter here.

Then again, did I mention it’s 7 degrees today? Yeah, Florida is looking pretty damn good right now.

So do you love winter or could you live without it? What’s your favorite season?