Unwrapped to be Re-Released

UnwrappedNew800 copy

UNWRAPPED, a previously released book, has a new cover and will be released at a new low price on May 18th. If you’ve previously read this book, it has no new content and you do not need to buy it again. However, if you haven’t read it yet, you can preorder it now!

Justin Garrett has gotten a glimpse into the real Amy Parker when he accidentally views her private online journal. And what he sees is definitely intriguing. Because Amy has some very sexual fantasies.

Amy has worked hard to keep her private life separate from the buttoned down world that exists in her law firm where she’s wrestled her way into a partnership. And there’s no way she’d let someone younger than her like brash Justin Garrett get a step up on her. Justin might be smart and savvy, and also sexy and the star of some of her wildest fantasies, but work is where he belongs and where he’ll stay.

But they’re stuck together doing a corporate acquisition in Hawaii over the Christmas holidays, and Justin is determined to give Amy a holiday she’ll never forget. But first Justin has to prove to her that he sees her as a vibrant, sensual woman, and not a rung to climb up the corporate ladder. He intends to do that by making her most secret fantasy come true—a night with two men who fulfill her every desire. And then he’ll show her he’s a man of substance—and heart.

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You can read an excerpt here