On the road again…and Wild Nights coming up!

Those two things in the blog title are unrelated, because I’m long past the age where I go on the road and have wild nights. Heh.

I’ll be at the RT convention this week, so if you’re going, I hope to see you! I’ll be posting pictures to my Twitter account, so look for them! Otherwise, I’ll post some pictures here to the blog when I get back.

Next week is the release of Wild Nights, my digital novella that was formerly part of the now out-of-print Exclusive anthology. Wild Nights features that hottie Mike Nottingham from Wild, Wicked and Wanton. I thought I’d leave you with an excerpt from Wild Nights. More info, another excerpt and ordering info for Wild Nights is here.


“I’ve done it all, Grace. It’s hard to get excited about it anymore. It’s like I’m pushing the sexual envelope, looking for the next conquest before I’ve even finished the one I’m with.”

“And it’s not fun anymore,” she replied, nodding.

He laughed. “Well, sex is always fun. But lately it’s been a little…unsatisfying.”

She crossed her arms. “I know the feeling.”

“Really?” He couldn’t believe he was telling her this. Or that she of all people was a kindred spirit. Grace was like a shrink—easy to talk to. He didn’t really spend a lot of time talking to women. When he was alone with a woman, talking typically wasn’t something they did. Then again, she was a stranger. A beautiful, intelligent, eloquent stranger, and different from most of the women he knew.

After tonight he’d never see her again, so why not? It wasn’t like he had anyone else remotely close to open up to about things like sex. No way would his male friends understand how a man who got as much pussy as he did could possibly be dissatisfied with his sex life.

“People always wonder about me,” she said. “Why I opened this club. How I must have suffered some sexual trauma that made me want to explore the wild side of sex, when the truth of the matter is, I always felt sex should be openly celebrated. I’ve always enjoyed it. There is no dark history in my life—no rape, no incest, no horrors in my past that caused me to want to investigate my deviant side. I just love sex. That’s why I moved here and started this club.

“As I mentioned, I was dissatisfied with those who preached morality, that sex was something to be hidden as if it was bad. There’s nothing bad about sex as long as it’s consensual.

“But the problem is, when you engage in so much open and free sexuality, when you can have anything you want anytime you want it, you become desensitized to it. Then what does it take to be satisfied?”

“Is that why you don’t partake of the fun and games at Wild Nights?” he asked, curious whether it was choice or just part of the mystique.

She shifted, stared out at the lights of Las Vegas again. “Partly. I have responsibilities at the club and if I spend all my time engaged, I can’t cater to my clientele. But yes, I’ve also become a bit jaded. I used to play a lot more than I do now. Because I’ve done it all. It doesn’t have the allure it once did.”

“When you’ve experienced everything, and more than once, there’s no thrill.”

She looked at him. “Yes. That’s it exactly. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever find the one man who’ll be able to touch me the way no man has been able to touch me before.”

He smiled. “Oh, that guy.”

“What guy?”

“The perfect man. He doesn’t exist.”

She returned his smile. “Nor does that perfect woman you’re looking for.”

“We’re both alike, Grace. Looking for something or someone who can’t be found.”

“So what do we do about that?”