Writer’s Brain

So I’m lying in bed last night and a scene from THROWN BY A CURVE–the book I’m currently working on–pops into my head. I know if I don’t get it written right away, it’ll be gone by morning. I’m not one of those authors who can think about something I want to write the next day and it’ll still be there. I’ve tried that before. I used to think, “Oh, I want to write about that tomorrow. I know I’ll remember it.” Yeah. Gone the next day. I mean completely gone. Learned my lesson on that one the hard way. My brain is like a colander, peppered with all these holes and all my great thoughts fall right through.

Anyway, I got up, grabbed the laptop and wrote the scene. And it was a really good one. Wish I could share, but not just yet.

I used to keep a notebook on the nightstand, because for some reason I always get plot line ideas whenever I’m in bed at night. I guess because my mind relaxes and I have the chance to see my story so clearly at that point. But for some reason I stopped doing that. So I either need to start up the notebook idea again, or maybe I should just get a second laptop to keep on the nightstand. Great idea, right? 😉

Does this ever happen to you? You get in bed, and suddenly something pops into your head that you know you need to remember for the next day? (Please say yes)